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The most advanced health and wellness engagement solution. Let Emha Health help you.

Comprehensive wellness solution

Wellness can be managed by the patient and/or their HealthTeam with data from health records or the patient or wearables.

Wellness Goals

Set diet, nutrition, exercise, vital, medications, and habit goals. Set health scores to preset them or Emha will ask you.

Diet & Nutrition Management
Exercise Management
Vitals/Biometric Tracking
Medications Tracking
Habits Management
Health Records
Health Assessments

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Build a Happier, Healthier Workforce

Employees spend a significant amount of time at work. Employers have a significant investment in each worker related to hiring, training, knowledge, skills, compensation, and health benefits. Promoting a culture of good nutrition, physical activity, adherence to condition treatment, and reduced stress protects retaining that investment and increasing productivity and work quality. Here is how we help:

Community Health Discussions

Employees can start or join topics being discussed. Picture, video and text can posted as part of the discussion.

Offer Local Exercise and Nutrition Classes
Challenges are customizable
Team Up for Good Health