Automated and Manual Patient Communication

Geolocation and an AI voice assistant combine to deliver instructions to patient and performs COVID and custom Assessments


Appointment Reminder

On day of the patient appointment, Emha wakes them up to remind them.

Notify when it's time to leave

Based on the distance to the appointment locations, the patient is told when it is time to leave to get their 15 minutes in advance.

Wait Outside

As they reach a 50 foot zone from the appointment location, based on the number o patients in the office and the appointment time, the patient is told to wait outside until one of the patients in the office or area leaves.

Conduct COVID Assessment

Conduct a COVID assessment and ask any question you want, then intelligent score the answers.

Come in

Now that there is a spot open and the provider they are to see is available, they are invited in and checked in.

Leave - Emha Checks Out & Invites Next

As patient leaves the location zone, they are checked our and are sent a message and the next patient is invited in.

Coordinate Client Appointments

Set the number of patients that can be in an office or hospital area at the same time, then let our AI Assistant then sends patients messages telling them when to leave for their appointment, when to come in the office, and when to remain outside. We can also let patients book televisits, appointments, collect COVID and other health assessments, pay bills and get self help.