Save time, while growing your business

Wellness Companies, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, Physicians, Gyms, Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Trainers grow their business, while reducing operational costs.

Online Booking & Schedules

Advanced online booking that can be added to your website. Schedule and services appointment management. Text, voice, email and mobile notifications.

Class Schedules

Online class booking and payment package management. Track class attendance and easily notify members of changes.

Point of Sale Payments & Invoicing

Book and pay online, barcode scanning, services and class credit, debit or check payment. Online text an invoice payment or print invoices.

Marketing Campaigns

Intelligent and automated text, email and port to Facebook, Twitter and Google Business special offers and incentives. Fill open time slot by service or day for targeted clients.

Professional Corner

Professionals can create groups with text and video posts. This allows for education and discussion in one place. Make money online!

Employer Bids/Proposals/Linking/Payment

Employers post requests for proposals and bid by location, make payments, and link their employees by office to Health/Fitness Companies. Quick and effective way to grow your business and efficiently work with employees.

Coach Chats

Secure, private chats with a professional Health Coach, Trainer, Physician or Nutritionist. Keep clients motivated!


Book televist appointments that provide a secure, private video call. Text a link to the client and when your ready start the call; it's that easy!


Advanced financial and productivity reports make operating your business easy.

Bringing Health & Fitness Data Together

Import Patient Data, Get Lab Results, Import Wearable & Device Data, Conduct Health Assessments

Custom Health Assessments

Use a standard Health Assessment or build your own. Create multiple assessments. Automated scoring and Goal linking. Stores bioemetric and exercise data.

Import & Consolidate Medical Record Data

Use FHIR API to have members request their medical data from their physician and hospital. A consolidated medical record is created across organizations. Use this data to analyze population health and set health goals and notifications.

Import Wearable/Device Data

Gather exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose and much more and automatically import it into the system to track,analyze, and set goals.


Create custom consents, HIPAA consents,and agreements to have members sign. A PDF is created and provided to both parties.

Lab Orders & Results

Order labs from virtually any number of labs and electronically receive results in a centralized dashboard with color coded abnormals. Results are automatically shared with the member.

Task Management

Create tasks and assign them to staff members with text or email alerts. Link tasks to members. All tasks have status set with time stamped commentary.

Centralize Management of Multiple Employers and Offices

Health & Fitness companies centrally manage health and fitness data for Employers on the same platform. Offices and functionality access is assigned based on staff permissions. This saves time and cost deploying new accounts and managing member health and fitness.

Multiple Employers

Health and Fitness Company can connect with multiple Employers or Employee members. Employers can also connect with multiple Companies.

Time Tracking

Staff can be set to track their working hours. The dynamic timer can be started and stopped with a click of a button. Each break is logged. Data can be exported for payroll.

Sharing Office Members & Calendars

Members control fitness and/or health data shared with Health & Fitness Staff. Employers can share Members assigned to employer office location, so they can be invited to the health services, Classes and Events offered to by health and fitness companies at that location.

Permission Restrictive

Each Staff is assigned a permission group to grant access to system functionality. Staff can be assigned calendars, expertise, and limited to certain offices.