Improve your Business by Inspiring A culture of Health and Fitness

Our assistant mobile app and platform inspire daily health, fitness, wellness, and chronic management for your employees to live a healthy and happy life. Every employee’s goals and health issues are unique. Finding the diet, exercise, sleep, and mental health habits that comprise a healthy lifestyle can be a difficult. Inspiring employees to live a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle is equally difficult. Here is how we help:


- Health Assessments, Wellness Biometrics, Flu Shot/Immunizations and other programs can be provided with partners using our platform to deliver and manage the data.

- Televisits and health/fitness coaches provide cost effective tools to optimize benefits.

- Included is a free Patient Health Record for employees and their families to provide life-long access to their health and fitness data controlled by the employee.


Start Building an Employee Culture that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Engage local health, wellness and fitness professional to help each employee.


Building motivation to live health and develop healthy habits starts with understanding where your level of health is.

Achieve Your Wellness!

SMART goal setting brings structure and trackability into health and fitness. SMART goals provide verifiable progress towards a wellness. Wellness is defined differently by each person. For example, I may start with lose 10 pounds as a goal in 90 days with more specific diet and exercise goals. My Health Coach or trainer may adjust my goals as I achieve them or do not achieve them, so that they are attainable. These smaller goals build healthy habits that form my daily health.
Specific Goals

Improving health and wellness as well as managing chronic problems begins with setting goals. Your goals are unique. We automate building goals using a Health Risk Assessment to evaluate the health and fitness of a member. Goals are then augmented by the HealthTeam and the member.

Measurable Goals
Attainable Goals
Relevant Goals
Timely Goals

Challenges Make The Health and Fitness Difference

Challenges are an excellent way to inspire team work and a culture of health and fitness. Leveraging competitive spirit stimulates cooking, diet, nutrition, exercise, activities, smoking cessation, meditation, and even community activities to be used to stimulate team and individual health and fitness. These challenges can be as simple as push-up contests or races to minutes spent doing community projects or eating the most nutritious meals for a month. Forming team based competition across the company, promotes employee engagement on an entirely new level, is fun, releases stress, and promoted healthy habits. You can even extend these to families. Awards can be saved to provide real incentives to be the best and healthiest.

Employer Challenges

Employer Challenges

Employers can create challenges and automatically email employees when a new challenge is created.
Health/Fitness/Gym Challenges

Health/Fitness/Gym Challenges

Gyms, Health Coaches, and trainers are able to create challenges specifically for their members.
Individual & Team Challenges

Individual & Team Challenges

Challenges can be setup for individual members or teams. Teams challenges help drive a health and fitness culture.


Employers, wellness companies, gyms, and fitness professional can create awards to offer incentives for those who win.